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MUNRFE | Model United Nations of the Russian Far East
Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit in Vladivostok: registration is open!

The Organizing Committee invites young people from Russia and Southeast Asia willing to contribute to Russia-ASEAN relations and to take part in the Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit, which will be conducted on October 8–11, 2015 in Vladivostok, Russia under the auspices of Russia-ASEAN Dialogue Partnership.

The Summit is organized by Far Eastern Federal University and MGIMO-University in the partnership with youth-led organization “Model United Nations of the Russian Far East”, Global Media Project “Russia Beyond the Headlines”, International multimedia news agency “Rossiya Segodnya”, ASEAN Moscow Committee, and Russian International Affairs Council. The working language of the summit is English.

In order to participate, please fill in the Application Form and send it to no later than September, 01, 2015. Preliminary program of the summit and other information may be found in the Concept Paper.

Advanced Leadership School by MUNRFE in Vladivostok

On June 19-21, 2015 the Advanced Leadership School was conducted by Vladivostok MUNRFE Club on the basis of the Far Eastern Federal University. Head of the project is Mr. Alexander Yugai and Coordinators are Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova and Ms. Alexandra Gritsenko. The selection process of participants was based on quality of their applications sent to the coordinators before the project. The unique idea of the project was to perform regular MUNRFE concepts and lectures from another perspective. The first day started from the lecture about NGOs delivered by MUNRFE Director-General – Mr. Vitaliy Savenkov. The following day the participants got the opportunity to learn more about Adviser’s Craft from the former President of Vladivostok Club – Mr. Alexander Yugai. On the third and the last day of the project MUNRFE Executive Director – Ms. Ksenia Shevtsova delivered a lecture about Teamwork and had a conversation with the participants on this topic.

Regional MUNRFE Conference 2015: Report

On May, 2-5, in Blagoveshchensk the Regional MUNRFE Conference 2015 has been successfully conducted on the premises of the Amur State University. Its Acting Dean of the Faculty of International Relations Dr. Lyudmila A. Ponkratova was among the key-note speakers at the Opening Ceremony, along with MUNRFE Director-General Mr. Vitaly E. Savenkov, and the Secretary-General of the Conference Mr. Jesse E. Thomas. This Conference became truly unique since for the first time in MUNRFE history and the history of the entire Model UN movement in Russia it was led by a foreign leader.

Welcoming address by MUNRFE Director-General in commemoration of 15th Anniversary of MUNRFE
Saturday, 25 April 2015 16:42

Welcoming address by the Director-General of the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East Mr. Vitaliy E. Savenkov in commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of MUNRFE.


Dear members, fellows, partners, colleagues and alumni!


On behalf of the Board let me please express my sincere congratulations with the 15th Anniversary of one of the most prominent NGOs on the Russian Far East – the Model United Nations of the Russian Far East. Founded in 2000 by Peace Corps volunteer Dr. Jeffrey Lindstrom in Khabarovsk, MUNRFE remains an effective system for the development of young leaders. Today, MUNRFE continues to bring significant feedbacks to the local communities by providing numerous learning frameworks which turned out to be extremely successful.

Results of the Grant Competition to participate in the Regional MUNRFE Conference 2015
Friday, 17 April 2015 01:40

The Secretariat is deeply happy to announce the winners of the Grant Competition to participate in the Regional MUNRFE Conference 2015. After careful evaluation of the submitted Policy Papers and Letters of Intent the following applicants have been announced as winners of the Competition:

Ms. Alexandra Gritsenko, Vladivostok (Spain, General Assembly) – travel and accommodation costs;

Ms. Evgenia Belous, Vladivostok (Spain, Security Council) – accommodation costs;

Ms. Ekaterina Anisimova, Khabarovsk (UK, General Assembly) – accommodation costs.

School of Leadership in Volno-Nadezhdinskoye rural settlement
Thursday, 16 April 2015 15:14

Upon the long-standing cooperation of MUNRFE and the Administration of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye rural settlement, members of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club conducted a special learning project for the high-school students on April, 6-8. The School of Leadership led by Ms. Anastasia Yermoshina and Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova consisted of the following MUNRFE lectures: “Mountain”, “Leadership”, “Public speaking”, “Goal setting”, “Time management” and “Teamwork”, delivered by Ms. Daria Kiseleva, Mr. Igor Glimbitskiy, Ms. Alexandra Gritsenko, Ms. Anastasia Yermoshina, Ms. Lyubov Papina, Ms. Alena Filimonova, Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova, Ms. Alena Medvedeva, Ms. Evgeniya Belous and Ms. Diana Tzya. Moreover, there have been numerous educational trainings and games conducted in frames of the project.

The new project "Non-military aspects of international security" in Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service
Monday, 13 April 2015 21:09

Vladivostok MUNRFE Club is pleased to announce the beginning of the new Round table "Non-military aspects of international security" on the premises of Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service. The project consists of 3 lectures in Russian language by the invited expert, Mr. Alexey A. Kulinich, FEFU Asisstant Professor of International Relations. The first lecture will be started on April, 15, while the concluding round table on the agenda will be held on April, 25.

MUNRFE is happy to invite all interested students and young leaders. If you are interested in participating in this project - join this group in VK.

MUNRFE delegation at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C.
Monday, 13 April 2015 15:18

On March 27, 2015, MUNRFE Delegation to New York National Model UN 2015 (Ms. Victoria Yavorskaya, Ms. Elena Kiseleva, Ms. Olga V. Katina, Ms. Anna Ivanova and Mr. Vitaliy E. Savenkov) was honored to visit the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. The delegates were granted a warm welcoming at the meeting with the World Bank Executive Director from Russia Mr. Andrey S. Lushin, who devoted his time to the delegation and shared about the experience upon his duties in the organization. Mr. Lushin and the delegates also discussed the interaction of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the current functioning of the World Bank worldwide and the future perspectives of the World Bank projects development in Russia. The visit was further followed by the meeting with the Senior Operations Officer in the Office of the Vice President for Europe and Central Asia Region Mr. Marcus Heinz, the Lead Public Sector Specialist Mr. John Ivor Beazley, the Country Program Coordinator for the Russia Federation Ms. Lada Strelkova, and the Program Assistant Ms. Maribel Cherres, who made presentations on the World Bank functions and mechanisms of work, as well as World Bank projects implementation in Russia. The presentations were accompanied by the ongoing discussion with the delegation, which made it more interactive and informative. The World Bank representatives expressed their pleasure hosting MUNRFE delegation and conveyed their hopes for future visits of MUNRFE to the World Bank Headquarters.

MUNRFE at the National Model United Nations 2015 in New York
Monday, 13 April 2015 14:30

On 22-26 March 2015, the New York National Model United Nations (NMUN-NY) 2015 opened its doors to thousands of young leaders from various parts of the world, including the Russian Far East. For the fifth year, MUNRFE delegates have been demonstrating their remarkable debate and negotiations skills while participating in the largest model UN conference sponsored by the National Collegiate Conference Association and supported by the United Nations. This time, our delegation achieved new notable results and set the higher standards for prospective “NY-teams” of MUNRFE.

The current team was assigned to represent the Republic of South Sudan in five organs of the United Nations. The winners of the Annual MUNRFE Conference 2014 – Ms. Elena Kiseleva and Ms. Victoria Yavorskaya, were successfully participating in the work of GA First Committee and Economic Commission for Africa respectively. The adviser of the delegation, Secretary-General of the mentioned Conference – Ms. Olga V. Katina, debated in the Third Committee of GA, and the Director-General of the Organization – Mr. Vitaliy E. Savenkov, was allotted to the Second Committee. Moreover, MUNRFE had one more member to take part in NMUN NY 2015 but not as a delegate. Ms. Anna Ivanova has been successfully selected and peformed the duties of the Assistant Director of the Economic Commission for Africa, being the first MUNRFE member on staff with NMUN and NCCA.

Grant Competition for the Regional MUNRFE Conference 2015
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 13:03

Only 2 days left to apply for Grant Competition to participate in the Regional Conference 2015, which will be conducted in Blagoveshchensk on May, 2 – 5. Young leaders from Russia and abroad are invited to simulate 2 committees in English language – UN General Assembly and UN Security Council. If you are interested in your accommodation or even transportation costs to Blagoveshchensk to be covered by MUNRFE, you should submit one Policy Paper on one of the agenda items of your committee by April, 10th (Vladivostok time) to Optionally, you may submit a Letter of Intent (500 words max) in a free-form explaining your reasons to apply for the grant. Please, note that only registered delegates (who have been already assigned a committee and a country) are eligible to apply.

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