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San-Francisco 2009 Team!

SF = San Francisco = El Ciudad De Santo Francisco = the magic city, with magic people, magic sea and air!
MUN Conference = Debates = Hot Disputes = Negotiations = Result, which no one expects!
MUN Conference in San Francisco = a great event in a great city! A lot of work in the beautiful place! = 550 delegates from 35 schools of USA = 550 young diplomats
"Until you spread your wings, 
you don’t know how far you can fly"

B. B. King,

San-Francisco 2009 Team In April 2009 MUNRFE SF’09 Team comprised of 8 great debaters: Darya Bulatova, Svetlana Khvan, Vladislav Sklyanov, Ekaterina Chernenko, Ann Samoilenko, Anastasia Skripnik, Polina Karimova and Igor Novikov, were honored to participate in 59th Session of MUNFW and to represent one of the most powerful country ever presented by our delegations - The United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland. 
 It is told that big power implies big responsibility, and be sure… our team carried this heavy responsibility out successfully! During 5 days of debates with 90 delegations from 35 Colleges of the USA, MUNRFE showed the greatest level of knowledge, professionalism, debates and public speaking. They have shown that “Russians are tough” =)! And the result achieved is one of the greatest results ever.
 There were 7 committees on MUNFW Conference, where our team had representatives: UN GA, UN SC, 2nd committee, 4th committee, NATO, Human Rights Council, and UN Environment Programme. And out of 6 of them, which chose their reporters, our honorable team had THREE – UN SC (Vladislav Sklyanov), 4th Committee (Polina Karimova) and HRC (Anastasia Skripnick)! 

Svetlana Khvan - SF 2009  But successful performance of our delegates during the conference is not the only memorable mark in this trip. Also, MUNRFE was honored to organize and chair two committees – UN SC (chaired by Vera Serdykova) and NATO (chaired by Elena Tytsik and Varvara Soldatkina). Moreover, during long and difficult negotiations with MUNFW Board of Directors the advisor of SF’09 Team Varvara Soldatkina persuaded them to grant MUNRFE an opportunity to organize brand new committee during the next, 60th Session of MUNFW – International Court of Justice…

“It was a hard work for all team, all guys” – said Igor Novikov right after the closing plenary…
“But it seems to me there will be a lot of work further” – answered Darya Bulatova…
Team’s comment:
"Well, we think it doesn’t matter now… because we enjoyed the process and made all our plans real, and we hope that everyone will believe in himself, like we did, and everyone will spread his wings, like we did, in order to fly away to SUCCESS!!"