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MUNRFE, local authorities and other NGOs. Are there any links?


Yes, there are links on different levels. Briefly about them.


This year MUNRFE tried to establish relations with one of the largest NGOs in Russia – National Youth Council that unites 52 youth and children’ organizations, acting on regional and national level.


In February 2009 National Youth Council of Russia announced call for application to the project “Public Diplomatic Corps”. It was an opportunity for us to take part in diplomatic events on Russia-EU level. Even though one of two our members applied was invited, unfortunately due to financial reasons and change of the terms of participation, we could not take part in it.

However the contacts were established and in March we have received information about more feasible project to take part in – Training 50/50. This is training for young people in the Russian Far East aimed at building relationships between youth organizations and local authorities, organized by National Youth Council and Youth Department of Council of Europe. There were strict limits to the number of participants; however application of Anastasia Burmistrova, member of Vladivostok MUNRFE club, was successful. The event take place in Vladivostok on May 28 - June 2. So, in a couple days we hope to hear from Anastasia about its results.

Besides this, MUNRFE is registered in youth NGOs databases of City Administration and Youth Chamber of Vladivostok Duma, both keep us aware of relevant events in Vladivostok. Moreover three members of Vladivostok MUNRFE club are simultaneously members of Youth Chamber of Vladivostok Duma.
Even though most of contacts with local authorities that MUNRFE has officially are in Vladivostok since it is registered there, we try to make these connections work for the whole organization.