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MUNRFE successfully co-organized the FEFU-HIT Summer School
Wednesday, 08 August 2018 22:06

The improvement of relations between Russia and China is one of the key directions of Russian foreign policy. Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is actively involved in the process of engagement of students and experts from both Russia and China into working together, sharing their experience and increasing cross-cultural understanding.

To that end, from July 25 to August 8, FEFU jointly with MUNRFE hosted 54 international students from China in frames of the Far Eastern Federal University-Harbin Institute of Technology Summer School (FEFU-HIT Summer School).

MUNRFE was responsible for the majority of educational content. The Organization successfully used the opportunity to share its experience in leadership, time management, public speaking, team-building, goal-setting, and debates. Also, MUNRFE members shared their knowledge of the United Nations, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, MUNRFE provided the participants of the Summer School with an opportunity to try on the roles of diplomats during the Model United Nations simulation. The students discussed the promotion of quality education in developing countries at the UN General Assembly. Besides, the participants were able to improve their English through vernaculars exercises – learning unfamiliar words which may appear at every lecture.

MUNRFE appreciates its cooperation with Far Eastern Federal University and hopes for further productive partnership.

MUNRFE appreciates also the hard work by Ms. Anna Timokhina, Ms. Polina Varfolomeeva, Ms. Oksana Bozhenova, Mr. Egor Klimovich, and Mr. Vsevolod Cheresov under the leadership of Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova, MUNRFE Executive Director.


Fact sheet

The FEFU-HIT Summer School aims at introducing Chinese students to Russian culture. The participants of the program attended daily lessons on the Russian language with FEFU teachers and set of lectures about leadership, public speaking, time-management, etc. Furthermore, the guests had several tours in Vladivostok and visited the most famous places in the city. Moreover, the participants attended the master-classes on cooking Russian dumplings and painting Russian matreshkas.