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The first week of FireStarter journey is behind
Monday, 20 August 2018 20:07

On August 13, 23 bright high school students wishing to change for better came in the summer camp “Asteroid” to improve their English and master such skills as time management, goal setting, debating, and many others.

A week of lectures and trainings, intellectual games, and various entertainments conducted entirely in English was a new experience for the majority of the participants. It proved that the firestarters had a lot of energy and inspiration to absorb everything they learnt and improve rapidly.

During this week, the participants of FireStarter 2018 had their first team activities. They used all they learnt at the lectures as well as their own knowledge to accomplish all the tasks they had. The participants had a chance to show their intelligence at “Brain ring” and the Parliamentary debates where they discussed various pieces of agenda.

Besides, FireStarter 2018 is more about having fun than studying. Thus, the firestarters demonstrated their creativity during City and Team Presentations and “Get the Fire” events. Moreover, they used their talents to perform fairy tales and to film silent movies, thrillers and musicals which they showed at the movie festival. Participants also had the talent contest where everyone had an opportunity to surpriseЫ others with their amazing skills.

MUNRFE is a society-oriented organization, thus we are pleased to contribute to the development of young people in the Russian Far East and beyond it.