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MUNRFE Vladivostok Club conducted a set of lectures “ASEAN in All Its Complexity"
Thursday, 31 January 2019 17:20

On January 21-23, MUNRFE Vladivostok Club successfully conducted the project “ASEAN in All Its Complexity" under the leadership of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club Vice-President Mr. Vsevolod Cheresov. It represented a set of lectures devoted to different aspects of ASEAN, its role as a regional intergovernmental organization within Southeast Asia, and other topics. The event gathered more than 90 students from FEFU and VSUES.

The project started on January 21 with the lecture on the topic of “Territorial disputes around the South China Sea: ASEAN’s involvement” which was delivered by Lecturer and Assistant Professor of the International Relations Department at FEFU Dr. Andrey I. Kozinets.

“Singapore’s peculiar path up to the present” was the topic of the second lecture by Dr. Viktor A. Burlakov, the Associate Lecturer of the Pacific Asia Department at FEFU.

The last day was marked with the lecture on the objectives, challenges, and prospects of ASEAN, delivered by Dr. Semyon A. Korotich, Senior Lecturer of the Department of International Relations at FEFU. Furthermore, the project was finished with a short quiz based on the contents of the lectures. MUNRFE congratulates the winners of the competition, namely Ms. Anna Raskolova, Ms. Sofya Kokosova, Mr. Vladislav Zaytsev, and Ms. Daria Fomenko.

MUNRFE expresses its deepest gratitude to Dr. Andrey I. Kozinets, Dr. Viktor A. Burlakov and Dr. Semyon A. Korotich for their profound contribution to the project realization by raising awareness among students on the ASEAN topic and looks forward to further cooperation and realization of more initiatives.

MUNRFE also thanks the members of the Working Group Mr. Maxim Sorokin, Mr. Dmitry Trushko, Mr. Oleg Povzyk, Ms. Daria Kurushina Darya (Daria) Kurushina, Ms. Darya Denisova, Ms. Alina Medved for their competent work and wishes further realization of their talents.