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Vladivostok Club Autumn Master-Classes 2019 have been successfully conducted
Saturday, 30 November 2019 20:46

On September 27 – November 3, MUNRFE Vladivostok Club Master-Classes 2019 “Through Difficulties to the Stars” were successfully held in Far Eastern Federal University under the leadership of Oleg Powzyk and Polina Dolgopolova. After the five weeks of educational lectures, practical training and various contests, the 55 participants were awarded with the certificates for successful completion of the project.

At the beginning of the Master-Classes, all participants were divided into teams guided by advisers who were represented by the experienced members of the MUNRFE Vladivostok Club, namely Daria Zlydar and Veronika Tkachenko (Russian Federation), Nikita Volkov (South Africa), Alyona Plekhanova and Alina Medved (Canada), Aleksandra Chernysheva and Kamila Kukushkina (France), Vsevolod Cheresov (Advisers’ Manager) and Christina Tolmacheva (Japan).

The participants gained new knowledge and opportunities to enhance their capabilities through practice. To demonstrate it at the highest level two contests were introduced: “12 seconds” and “Law of the Process” contests.

October 16 was noted by one the brightest events in frames of the project – the Country Presentation. In frames of the event, all teams made performances reflecting the peculiarities of the countries they represented as well as showed their public-speaking, performing abilities alongside with rich imagination and creativity. Besides, the participants discovered more information about the countries they represented and presented it through writing Country Profiles.

Moreover, the participants had a unique chance to get a first-hand experience in the sphere of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a lecture on the topic "Investing in SDGs: how much would it cost to achieve SDGs in Asia and the Pacific?" was delivered in frames of the AMC’19 by the invited expert – Director of the Macroeconomic Policy and Financing for Development Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) Mr. Hamza Ali Malik.

The culmination of the AMC was the Final Conference, conducted on November 2. The attendees performed the duties of real diplomats, considered current issues of global concern while representing different states in frames of the moderation of the work of three UN committees – the General Assembly (GA), the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Security Council (SC). The following agenda items were put before the committees: Protection of Global Climate for Present and Future Generations of Humankind, Strategies for Eradicating Poverty to Achieve Sustainable Development for All, the Situation in Libya. The Conference was implemented under the supervision of Daria Zlydar, who performed the duties of the Finale Conference Manager.

Furthermore, the successful implementation wouldn’t be possible without the joint efforts and persistent work of the PR Manager Aleksandra Chernysheva, the designer Elizaveta Saltanova and the AMC Working Group members, namely Polina Babenko, Aleksandra Mikhailiuk, and Kamila Kukushkina.


The Graduation Party gathered 55 AMC participants. At this very event, the Coordinators and the members of the Final Conference Secretariat announced the winners of the competitions and the best delegates:

Outstanding Delegates: Peter Mendy (China, SC), Ilya Moroz (Germany, SC), Tatiana Akuneeva (Russia, GA), Diana Ilyaskina (France, GA), Katerina Arkhipova (Brazil, ECOSOC);

Distinguished Delegates: Victor Obvintsev (Indonesia, SC), Anastasia Bezotosova (USA, SC), Aisa Shungaeva (Japan, GA), Iana Nuikina (Equatorial Guinea, GA), Pham Huyen (Egypt, ECOSOC), Zakhar Subbot (France, ECOSOC);

Best Document: Tatiana Akuneeva (Russia, GA), Wahyu Erlanda Mansiang (Germany, ECOSOC);

Outstanding Delegation: Russian Federation - Naiyra Baiyr, Nikita Muravev, Ekaterina Abushaeva, Elena Sharkova, Ilya Moroz, Marina Lexina, Anna Gontar, Tatiana Akuneeva, Kirill Pushkov, Mikhail Dolganin, Erlanda Mansiang;

Best Country Presentation Performance: Russian Federation - Naiyra Baiyr, Nikita Muravev, Ekaterina Abushaeva, Elena Sharkova, Ilya Moroz, Marina Lexina, Anna Gontar, Tatiana Akuneeva, Kirill Pushkov, Mikhail Dolganin, Erlanda Mansiang;

Best “LOP” Performance: France - Zakhar Subbot, Vitaliy Batarshin, Maria Arapova, Balzhana Batueva, Diana Ilyaskina, Arseniy Dzevik, Polina Krasnoperova, Daniel Ekhlakov, Victor Obvintsev, Huyen Pham, Katerina Arkhipova, Alina Ozimok, Taisiia Bekesheva, Alexandra Phedoseeva;

Best 12” strategy: Margarita Konokhova.


The Outstanding Delegates were granted with free participation in the upcoming MUNRFE Annual Conference 2019 and were credentialed to represent France.

MUNRFE expresses its gratitude to the Far Eastern Federal University, dance studio “Forma”, trampoline center “JumpInk”, cinema “Ill’uzion”, and “Slavda Group” for supporting the project and providing the winners with different prizes. Furthermore, MUNRFE sincerely congratulates all the participants and winners of the Final Conference with the successful realization of the project and welcomes everyone to MUNRFE Annual Conference 2019.