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MUNRFE Annual Conference 2019 report
Monday, 30 December 2019 17:14

On December 5-9, Model United Nations of the Russian Far East successfully implemented the Annual Conference 2019 on the premises of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok. The event gathered around 90 participants from various parts of Russia and abroad. The participants represented the United Nations Member States to four committees: East Asia Summit (EAS), United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA), Security Council (SC) and World Bank (WB). The Conference was organized in cooperation with the UN Information Centre in Moscow, the UN Association of Russia, the World Bank Russian Federation Office, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Far Eastern branch of the ‘‘Russkiy Mir’’ Foundation, the Fund of Presidential Grants, the ASEAN Center in MGIMO University, the Community Foundation ‘‘Energiya Uchastiya’’, and the ‘‘Business Club Avangard’’ association. The official language of the Conference was English.

The following agenda items were put under discussion:


  • East Asia Summit:

1. The eradication of threats posed by chemical weapons in East Asia;

2. Elaboration of a common strategy of poverty alleviation in East Asia.


  • United Nations Environment Assembly:

1. Marine Plastic Litter and Microplastics;

2. Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste.


  • Security Council - Open Agenda
  • World Bank - Appraisal and approval of development projects.


The program of the Conference also included an Open Lecture on the work of the United Nations (UN) delivered by Dr. Vladimir S. Pavinsky, Public Information Officer at the UN Information Center in Moscow as well as Committee Lectures:

EAS - Dr. Ekaterina V. Koldunova, leading expert of the ASEAN Center of MGIMO University;

SC - Ms. Nailia D. Mirsaitova, legal adviser at the International Committee of the Red Cross Regional Delegation for the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Moldova;

WB - Ms. Larisa I. Fugol, program analyst of The World Bank Moscow Office;

UNEA - Dr. Vladimir S. Pavinsky.


It is also important to mention that the experts attended the MUNRFE AC’19 Opening Ceremony alongside with such high profile speakers as Mr. Danil A. Scherban, FEFU Deputy Vice-President for International Relations, Dr. Alexander Zubritsky, Director of the Far Eastern branch of the “Russkiy Mir” Foundation, and Mr. Sakuragi Yusuke, Vice-Consul for Cultural and Educational Issues of the Consulate General of Japan in Vladivostok. Moreover, the MUNRFE AC 2019 participants were privileged to receive the official address of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres for the second year in a row. In frames of the Conference, the delegates also enjoyed the Cultural Program organized by the partner of the Conference – Far Eastern branch of the ‘‘Russkiy Mir’’ Foundation. The Program included the ballet «Prodigal Son» in the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre.

As a result of the Conference, the following recognitions were granted to the participants and participating institutions:


  • Distinguished delegations:

1. Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia);

2. Amur State University (Blagoveshchensk, Russia);

3. Komsomolsk-on-Amur State University (Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia).


  • Outstanding delegations:

1. Russian Federation (Polina Dolgopolova, Alexandra Mikhailiuk, Oleg Povzyk, Elizaveta Saltanova, adviser – Daria Zlydar) - Vladivostok

2. United States of America (Dmitry Goryachev, Evgenia Sochneva, Alina Medved, Yana Korchevnaya, adviser - Aleksei Stanonis) - Vladivostok


  • Best documents Award:

Polina Dolgopolova – Russia, EAS (Vladivostok)

The recipient of the Best Document Award will take part in Rome Model UN 2020 in March.


  • Special Recognition Award:

Oleg Povzyk (Russia, SC)

Ekaterina Eryomina (Japan, UNEA).

The winners of the Special Recognition award will participate in Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations 2020, the coming April.


  • Outstanding delegates:

1. Christina Tolmacheva (Belgium, WB)

2. Alyona Plekhanova (Singapore, EAS)

3. Maksim Sorokin (China, SC)

4. Daria Kurushina (UK, SC)

5. Mikhail Milko (Indonesia, EAS)

6. Evgenia Sochneva (USA, UNEA)

Outstanding delegates will represent the organization at the National Model UN 2020 in New York, the USA.


MUNRFE expresses its deepest appreciation to the work of the Senior Secretariat: Secretary-General Mr. Aleksei Stanonis, Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management Ms. Polina Varfolomeeva, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Ms. Galina Salnikova, and Assistant Secretary-General Mr. Vsevolod Cheresov. MUNRFE also admits a significant contribution by the Secretariat team comprised of EAS Chairperson Ms. Anna Timokhina (St. Petersburg) and Vice-Chairperson Ms. Olga Katina (Moscow), UNEA Chairperson Ms. Veronika Tkachenko (Vladivostok) and Vice-Chairperson Ms. Fury Jain (India), Security Council President Ms. Galina Salnikova (Vladivostok) and Vice-President Mr. Nikita Volkov (Estonia) as well as World Bank Chairperson Ms. Daria Zlydar (Vladivostok) and Vice-Chairperson Mr. Alexander Yugai (Moscow). Besides, MUNRFE recognizes the importance of the assistance provided by MUNRFE Governing Council Chairman Mr. Vitaly Savenkov.


It is significant to underline the work of MUNRFE AC’19 Department of Global Communications (DGC), the members of which ensured the successful implementation of logistical and informational components of the Conference, in particular, Egor Klimovich, Oksana Bozhenova, Andrew Moon, Anna Nikolaeva, Aleksandra Chernysheva, and Roman Byankin.


MUNRFE also expresses its appreciation to the MUNRFE AC’19 Department of Conference Management:

1. USG Assistant - Alyona Plekhanova;

2. PR-Working Group - Christina Tolmacheva, Maksim Sorokin, Anna Nikolaeva, Konstantin Golnev;

5. Designer - Roman Byankin;

6. FEFU Volunteer Training Center


The Organization is delighted to mention that the Conference was implemented with the support of MUNRFE strategic partner - Far Eastern Federal University and its divisions. Moreover, MUNRFE highly appreciates the partnership with the UN Information Centre in Moscow, the UN Association of Russia, the World Bank Russian Federation Office, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Far Eastern branch of the ‘‘Russkiy Mir’’ Foundation, the Fund of Presidential Grants, the ASEAN Center in MGIMO University, the Community Foundation ‘‘Energiya Uchastiya’’, and the ‘‘Business Club Avangard’’ association and hopes for the further extension of cooperation.

MUNRFE congratulates all participants and members of the Organizing Committee on the successful completion of the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2019. The Organization is delighted to serve as the platform for the professional and personal development of young ambitious leaders who are willing to transform the world around.