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Elections of Officials

In accordance with UN4MUN Format the delegates play a more substantive role in the Conference than they do in typical MUN simulations which add to the appeal of their participation. Since the decision-making in the real United Nations is done primarily by the Member States, the same procedure is applied in the Far Eastern Model UN 2018. In this regard, MUNRFE is happy to announce the delegates who were elected to the positions of the General Assembly Officials.


General Assembly President

Mr. Aleksei Stanonis

Aleksei is a second-year student pursuing the bachelor degree in International Relations at Far Eastern Federal University. He has been actively involved in MUNRFE activities for several years performing the role of delegate at MUNRFE conferences as well as an organizer of various initiatives in terms of the Organization. Currently he occupies the position of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club Vice-President. Covering Aleksei`s recent achievements it is worth to underline that he was recognized as an Outstanding Delegate at MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017 and, consequently, was credentialed to participate in National Model UN 2018 in New York, USA. As a result of participation, his delegation received an Outstanding Delegation Award. In 2017 Aleksei was selected to represent FEFU at Korea-Russia Dialogue forum Youth Summit in PyeongСhang and Soul. Moreover, he was awarded with the participation in conferences on European security in Moscow and Brussels as a result of participation in All-Russia essay contest. In terms of FEMUN involvement, in the year 2016 Aleksei served as the Department of Public Information officer, whereas in 2017 he performed the responsibilities of the Security Council President.



General Assembly Second Committee Chairperson

Ms. Ekaterina Shalaginova

Being a master student at the Department of International Relations at Ural Federal University, Ekaterina always strives to move forward acquiring knew knowledge and experience. She also has been working at many international projects held in her hometown as an interpreter and the member of organizing committee. Ekaterina participated in Eurasian National University International Model United Nations 2017 in Astana, Berlin International Model United Nations 2017 and MainMUN-2018 in Frankfurt. Moreover, Ekaterina became a winner of the Grant Competition of Moscow International Model United Nations 2016. Covering her experience as an organizer of MUN conference, she was involved in implementation of Ekaterinburg International MUN-2017 held as a Deputy Secretary-General for Working with Participants and an Expert of the Security Council. If to consider Ekanerina`s activities outside MUN it is significant to mention that currently she works as an English teacher. Furthermore, she pursued the bachelor degree in Arts and completed retraining courses on Marketing and Logistics.

General Assembly Fifth Committee Chairperson


Mr. Mikhail Boyko

Mikhail is a Far Eastern Federal University student pursuing a degree in Trading Business, along with the additional degree as an interpreter. He became a member of MUNRFE after the completion of MUNRFE Autumn Master Classes (AMC) 2017 organized by MUNRFE Vladivostok Club. In frames of AMC 2017 Mikhail had an opportunity to participate in the Final Conference in the capacity of a delegate of the Security Council. Despite his recent involvement in MUNRFE, he has already demonstrated his devotion to the Vladivostok Club. As such, he was a member of the Working Groups for the Earth Hour 2018 and Russia-ASEAN website project. He decided to apply for the position of the Chairperson, because he is interested in self-development and gaining new experience in frames of the Far Eastern Model UN 2018. He has managed several projects and thus, can apply his understanding in the process of debates. As for additional activities, Mikhail has a profound interest in history and law.


MUNRFE warmly congratulates FEMUN 2018 General Assembly Officials and wishes them productive work during the Conference!