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Elections of Officials

In accordance with UN4MUN Format the delegates play a more substantive role in the Conference than they do in typical MUN simulations which add to the appeal of their participation. Since the decision-making in the real United Nations is done primarily by the Member States, the same procedure is applied in the Far Eastern Model UN 2017. We are glad to announce the General Assembly Officials of the Far Eastern Model UN 2017.

President of the General Assembly

Igor Voronin (Netherlands)


The President of the General Assembly (PGA) plays one of the key roles in terms of the General Assembly Rules of Procedure. The PGA has no say in the actual decision-making process of the General Assembly, which means the PGA remains absolutely impartial. In the United Nations the PGA is elected by the Member States on the yearly basis. Traditionally, the PGA position is rotated across the five regional groups. The PGA: - Opens and closes General Assembly plenary meetings; - Rules on points of order; - Presides over the decisions in plenary meetings; - Organizes thematic debates; - Issues reports on the Committees work and recommendations.



General Assembly Second Committee Chairperson

Alexander Grishin (Delegate of Uruguay)













General Assembly Sixth Committee Chairperson

Ekaterina Sadovskaia (Delegate of USA)












Chairpersons of the General Assembly Second and Sixth Committees

Once elected, the Chairpersons (Chairs) shall cease acting as a representative of their national delegation. As long as they perform the duties of the Chairman, they do not vote. The Chair should speak and act impartially on behalf of the Committee as a whole and not seek to promote any national or personal views.

The Chairperson:

- Maintains the order in the Committee at all times;

- Declares the opening and closing of meetings of the committee;

- Directs the discussions;

- Ensures the observance of Rules of Procedure;

- Grants permission to speak;

- Puts forward questions and announces decisions.


We would like to congratulate newly elected General Assembly Officials and with them fruitful work at the Conference!