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Far Eastern Federal University


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Amur State University


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ASEAN Centre in MGIMO University

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Position Papers

In frames of the preparation for the Far Eastern Model UN 2017 delegates are required to submit a Policy Paper.

Besides, the delegations may also compete for the Outstanding Delegation Award by submitting a Country Profile on the assigned country.

The detailed description of documents’ content and format is provided in the DOCUMENTS WRITING GUIDE

The deadlines and description of documents submission are the following:

All the documents are saved in the format *.doc or *.docx.

Country Profile shall be submitted no later than April 10 (23:59).

The name of the Country Profile should include the name of the Country and type of the document. For example, the file containing information about Greece should be named as: "Greece_CP.".

Policy Paper deadline is April 18 (23:59).

The name of the document should also contain the name of the assigned country, committee, type of document and number of agenda item. Policy Papers on different agenda items are written in separate documents. For example, the PP of the delegate of Angola to the Security Council on the second agenda item is saved in the following format: "Angola_GA2_PP".

The team (delegation) documents shall be submitted in Compressed in ZIP or RAR Folder (*.zip or *.rar). The name of the folder shall contain the name of a country and type of documents. For example, the Policy Papers of Russia shall be submitted in a file named "Russia_PP.".

Please, mind that the deadlines are indicated in Vladivostok time zone (UTC +10). Compressed archives of delegations and the documents of individual delegates should be submitted to