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Ms. Ekaterina V. Tretiakova

Model UN experience of Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova started from attending MUNRFE Autumn Master-Classes 2014 with the following participation in its Final Conference where she became the second best delegate in her committee. Later, Ms. Tretiakova became a delegate to the MUNRFE Annual Conference (Vladivostok, 2014) and Moscow International Model UN (Moscow, 2015), as well as she became an Outstanding Delegate of MUNRFE Regional and Annual Conferences (Blagoveshchensk, 2015). Moreover, being a part of MUNRFE delegation to Indonesia MUN (Jakarta, 2015), Ms. Tretiakova took a personal award of “Outstanding Delegate”. Later in 2016 Ms. Tretiakova participated in the National MUN (New York, 2016) and became a part of the Honorable Mention Delegation.

Furthermore, Ms. Tretiakova implemented two Advanced Leadership Schools (Vladivostok, 2016), including the one with the World Bank representatives. Moreover, Ms. Tretiakova was actively involved into organization of the Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit (Vladivostok, 2015) as the PR manager and Manager on work with participants; the first UN4MUN Conference in Russia – Far Eastern Model UN (Vladivostok, 2016) as an Assistant Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management; IX Academic and Research Conference “Russia – XXI century” (Vladivostok, 2016) as a member of the Organizing Committee, MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference (Vladivostok, 2016) as an Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management. In 2016 Ms. Tretiakova represented MUNRFE at the Fourth Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit in Cambodia (Siem Reap, 2016). Throughout her MUNRFE membership Ms. Ekaterina Tretiakova performed the duties of Vladivostok Club Finance Manager, Vice-President and President.

“This Conference will become the changing point in your MUN career as well as the pivotal point in your self-development. I have experienced these changes myself after FEMUN 2016 even being the organizer, but not the participant. I have seen the desire and happiness of delegates, who were discovering new format, being fully involved into debates. Hence, this year we have tried to bring even more efforts to FEMUN 2017 to open the doors of UN4MUN for you – new generation of young leaders! ”


Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management

Ms. Alexandra Y. Kosyreva

Ms. Alexandra Kosyreva became a member of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club since her completion of Autumn Master Classes 2015. Later at Annual MUNRFE Conference 2015 she represented Greece to the Economic and Social Council.

May of 2016 was marked with successful accomplishment of the first UN4MUN Conference in Russia - Far Eastern Model UN (Vladivostok, 2016) where she represented the United States of America to the General Assembly Third Committee. As a result, Ms. Alexandra Kosyreva became a recipient of the Diplomacy Award that granted her with an opportunity to perform as a member of MUNRFFE delegation to the National Model United Nations (Kobe, 2016). There she received Outstanding Delegate award along with Outstanding Position Paper award. Moreover, at the MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference 2016 representing the People`s Republic of China to the Human Rights Council, Alexandra was recognized as an Outstanding Delegate. For the current moment she is a part of MUNRFE delegation to the National Model UN (New York, 2017).

Considering Ms. Kosyreva`s experience of organizer, it is worth mentioning that in 2016 she was appointed as a Coordinator of two Club projects – Round Table in Far Eastern Federal University and School of International Relations in Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service. For the current moment, she performs responsibilities of Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management of the Far Eastern Model UN 2017.

Being a student of International Relations department, Ms. Kosyreva is interested in social, cultural and economic aspects of international cooperation as well as multipolarity of international relations.

“Being the Organizer of the Conference, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you in Far Eastern Federal University as participants of the Far Eastern Model UN 2017! I sincerely hope that this Conference will give you an unforgettable experience that will become a starting point of your personal success. I wish you to create breakthrough ideas, develop friendly competitiveness and conquer new heights!”


Under-Secretary-General for Political, Economic, and Social Affairs

Ms. Alexandra A. Gritsenko

Ms. Alexandra Gritsenko joined MUNRFE in 2011, particularly after participating in the summer program FireStarter (Khabarovsk, 2011). Hence, her deep involvement in the activities of the Organization started in 2013 when she became a member of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club.

Ms. Gritsenko demonstrated her personal and professional growth by helping to organize XII International MUNRFE Conference (Vladivostok, 2013), Annual Conference (Vladivostok, 2014), series of Round Tables for students of Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, 2014) and the Third Russia-ASEAN Youth Summit (Vladivostok, 2015).

Her fruitful debating career started from the participation in the Annual Conference 2014 as a delegate of Republic of Korea to the World Bank, which resulted for Ms. Gritsenko with a personal award for the Best Documents. The Regional Conference 2015 became a period of victories for Ms. Gritsenko as far as she became an Outstanding Delegate at the UN General Assembly representing the Kingdom of Spain. As a result, Ms. Gritsenko became a member of MUNRFE team to Indonesia Model UN (Jakarta, 2015) where she successfully represented Romania at the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly. Then, during the Annual Conference 2015 debating in the World Bank as a delegate of the United States of America, Ms. Gritsenko was given an award of the Outstanding Delegate one more time and became a member of MUNRFE team to National Model UN (New York, 2016). There she received an Outstanding Position Paper award and Honorable Mention Delegation.

At Far Eastern Model UN 2016, the first conference in Russia that applied the UN4MUN format, Ms. Alexandra Gritsenko held a position of Secretary of the UN General Assembly Second Committee. Currently Ms. Gritsenko holds the position of Under-Secretary-General for Political, Economic and Social Affairs at the Far Eastern Model UN 2017.

“Words of appreciation should be given to those who are striving to leave their comfort zone. The reason is that there, outside of the borders, you may find incredible things about you and your peers. I believe all the tremendous challenges that humanity faces all around the globe could be solved only by uncommon thinking and remarkable doing. Enjoy the process!”


Head of Department of Public Information

Ms. Alena Y. Filimonova

Ms. Alena Filimonova became a member of MUNRFE after Master Classes 2013, starting her career from the position in the executive body of the Vladivostok MUNRFE Club - the Cabinet. Having served 3 terms as a Cabinet member she became a Vice President of Vladivostok Club. One year after joining MUNRFE she run a project of Master Classes herself, as well as served as a member of organizing teams of numerous projects, including but not limited to Conferences.

As of Far Eastern MUN (Vladivostok, 2016), Ms. Filimonova was involved in its preparation performing both duties of Infrastructure Manager and delegate to Security Council. Experiencing both roles of a delegate and organizer of FEMUN 2016, she learned a lot about the UN4MUN concept. Due to peculiarities of this procedure, she as the delegate of Egypt became the President of the Security Council, as well as was one of the winners of the entire Conference. As the result, she participated in NMUN-Japan (Kobe, 2016).

Overall, as a student of Foreign regional studies in FEFU and delegate of Security Council, she focuses her research activity on regional and international security issues, international law and various military strategies.

“I personally loved being a delegate at FEMUN 2016 and I think this experience is incredible and unforgettable. Whether you participated in Model UN previously or not – you will definitely enjoy this procedure, as it is another level of interaction between participants and completely different ambience in the committee. Bear in mind that your primary goal is not “to compete for victory” anymore, but to make all ideas be fixed to the certain extent that everyone agrees. Be flexible, but persuasive (such a good advice for anything in your life). Good luck in your preparation and performance, and remember: I will be watching you throughout the Conference, so be the best delegate you can.”

Director, UN Security Council

Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya

Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya joined Vladivostok MUNRFE Club after Autumn Master Classes 2014, “Four Steps for Achievements”, and continued her development by participating in further MUNRFE activities. Being an active member holding the positions, which are responsible for elaboration the vision of the Organization, such as Finance Manager of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club as well as Cabinet Member in the year of 2015-2016, she gained unique knowledge in managerial sphere, which propelled her growth within the Organization. In this regard, she was holding the positions of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club Vice-President and currently she is the President of the Club, which helped her to understand how to interact with people as well as how to ameliorate the collaborative work of people. Moreover, her participation in more than five Model United Nations conferences has helped her to compile all of the necessary skills in order to successfully perform Secretariat duties.

Far Eastern Model United Nations 2016 was the pivotal point for the future progression of Ms. Yana Krasnitskaya life, as she was not only a part of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, but also one of the winners, which allowed her to be a representative of MUNRFE at the National Model United Nations 2016 in Kobe, Japan. In general, Ms. Krasnitskaya has a burning interest in gaining more knowledge about the agenda items of the Security Council and she believes that the sphere of international peace and security is the most critical in today’s world.

“Dear delegates, it is a great honor for me to welcome you as the Security Council Director of FEMUN 2017. Indeed, your participation in this Conference will be a great and memorable experience, hope you will enjoy the process and your progression. I do really expect all the participants to be prepared a lot in order to have interesting and productive deliberations, as that is an essential part of this event. Furthermore, do not forget that UN4MUN concept is about negotiations and consensus, hence be professional, work hard and show your leadership skills. Looking forward to seeing you at Security Council meeting this May!”


Secretary, UN General Assembly Second Committee

Ms. Anna Timokhina

Ms. Timokhina started her career in MUNRFE from the attendance of Vladivostok Club Autumn Master Classes (Vladivostok, 2015). After its successful completion she took part at MUNRFE Annual Conference 2015 as a delegate of Sweden to the Economic and Social Council. Proceeding with the constant expansion of her knowledge in the sphere of international relations and practice of public-speaking and negotiations skills, Anna took part at the first UN4MUN Conference in Russia – Far Eastern Model UN 2016 representing Egypt at the General Assembly Third Committee. Correspondingly to her relevant ideas and active involvement in the process, she became the recipient of the Diplomacy Award and a member of MUNRFE delegation to the National Model UN (Kobe 2016). According to the effective work of the entire delegation, Anna got a team award Distinguished Delegation. Using the experience gained at the abovementioned high-level events, Ms. Anna Timokhina further showed her professionalism at MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference (Vladivostok, 2016) being the delegate of China to the World Bank. Finally, she was granted with an Outstanding delegate award and as a consequence was credentialed to participate at the National Model UN (New York, 2017). Currently, Ms. Timokhina is appointed as a Secretary-General of MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017 and serves duties of a Vice President of Vladivostok MUNRFE Club. Moreover, Ms. Timokhina studies tourism at the Far Eastern Federal University and does research in its economic aspects.

“Dear delegates, I highly wish you to put right priorities. Put your priorities towards doing, not speaking, be aimed at effective time consuming, build consensus rather than defend your own interests. I wish you to find brand new solutions for this contemporary agenda item, along with that to be accountable in the policy of your state, to behave in a diplomatic manner and, the most important, to be devoted to what you are doing. Looking forward to witness your success at FEMUN 2017!”


Secretary, UN General Assembly Sixth Committee

Ms. Julia Nedelkina

Ms. Julia Nedelkina became a part of MUNRFE after summer educational project for high school students “Firestarter 2013”. For four years she has been involved in active live of the Organization and performed her duties as finance manager of Blagoveshchensk and Vladivostok Clubs, Vice Coordinator of Master Classes (Blagoveshchensk, 2014), member of working group of Master Classes (Blagoveshchensk, 2013) and Annual Conference (Vladivostok, 2015, 2016), adviser and Vice President of Blagoveshchensk MUNRFE Club. Being a member of Vladivostok branch of MUNRFE since 2015, Ms. Julia Nedelkina performed her best in the framework of management group of the Club. Beside of holding managerial positions, Ms. Nedelkina had a success in debate, and was recognized as an Outstanding Delegate and her team became an Outstanding Delegation at the MUNRFE 15th Anniversary Conference (Vladivostok, 2016). Hereby, after winning conference, Ms. Nedelkina composted a part of delegation to represent MUNRFE at the National Model United Nations (New York, 2017). Ms. Julia Nedelkina is currently appointed as Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management of MUNRFE Annual Conference 2017.

As a student of FEFU Oriental Institute - School of Regional and International Studies, Ms. Nedelkina is interested in foreign policy, global security issues, international law and diplomacy. She considers enlightened dialogue to be the essential for achieving sustainable development, peace and security.

“Dear delegates, I am extremely pleased to welcome you at the Far Eastern Model United Nations 2017! I wish you to have bright time and get priceless experience, establish long-term connections with other delegates and enjoy the conference itself. Bear in mind, success of the whole committee and finding of possible solutions to the current agenda is in your hands. Herewith, I wish the committee is able to find the best strategy and the most productive way of work for achieving consensus and efficient results. Respect each other, be professional and relish FEMUN 2017!”