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MUNRFE | Model United Nations of the Russian Far East
Welcome the new MUNRFE Vladivostok Clubs’ Presidential Team
Monday, 01 June 2020 17:22

The very end of the spring was marked by some structural changes within the Presidential team of the MUNRFE Vladivostok Club. Thus, the Vladivostok Club Presidential team is now comprised of Nikita Volkov (Acting President) and Polina Babenko (Vice-President). These young people are to oversee the Club till autumn 2020.

Previously Nikita Volkov occupied the position of the Club’s Vice-President, contributing meaningfully to its development. Earlier he has also shown outstanding results since his first involvement in MUNRFE. After participation in the Annual Conference 2018 he was recognized as an Outstanding Delegate and granted the right to represent MUNFRE at the National Model UN 2019 in New York, USA. Following this victory, Nikita was performing the duties of the Vice-President to the SC at the MUNRFE Annual Conference 2019 and FEMUN 2020.

MUNRFE visited webinar by ASEAN Centre in MGIMO-University
Saturday, 23 May 2020 16:05

On 14 May 2020, MUNRFE members were invited to the webinar on the epidemiological situation in Southeast Asia, organized by ASEAN Centre in MGIMO-University. During the lecture, students deepened their knowledge of ASEAN responses to COVID-19 and perspectives of the region in the post-COVID-19 period.

The members of MUNRFE had an opportunity to listen to the expert opinion of Dr. Carlos Tabunda, Director of the New Era University-ASEAN Studies Center in Manila, and host of the “ASEAN Hour” on Net 25 TV channel on the measures taken by the governments to contain COVID-19 pandemic. In frames of the lecture, Dr. Tabunda provided an overview of the results of the Online Special ASEAN and ASEAN+3 Summits on COVID-19 held in April 2020, also referring to the proposal to establish ASEAN COVID-19 Response Fund. Moreover, the audience was provided with the most recent statistics on the coronavirus in the ASEAN region.

FEMUN 2020 Report
Wednesday, 20 May 2020 23:39

The Fifth anniversary Far Eastern Model UN (FEMUN) 2020 was held from 15-18 May 2020. The event gathered more than 150 delegates (an absolute record for any MUNRFE event) at online lectures, workshops, and debate sessions. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the FEMUN 2020 turned out to be the first experience of an online event for MUNRFE as well as the first MUN Conference in Russia that adapted the UN4MUN format online .

Noteworthy, regional and foreign representation essentially increased, as the event attracted delegates from India, Brazil, South Africa (participants of BRICS Educational Internship Program), Indonesia, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, and various cities of Russia such as Moscow, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Kursk, Ufa, Blagoveshchensk, and Vladivostok.

The event was implemented with the support of the Trade, Investment, and Innovation Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), World Health Organization (WHO), as well as Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Youth Group (CYG). Dr. Mia Mikic, Director of the Trade, Investment, and Innovation Division of the UN ESCAP; Dr. Melita Vujnovic , WHO Representative to the Russian Federation; and Ms. Natalia Zhurina, CYG Coordinator for Eastern Europe conducted briefings for different committees on the topics related to the agenda items.

Far Eastern Model UN 2020: first days of the Conference
Sunday, 17 May 2020 10:30

On May 15, the Opening Ceremony of the Far Eastern Model United Nations (FEMUN) 2020 was successfully conducted. Moreover, this date was marked by the first-ever MUNRFE online event, as the Conference had to switch to online format due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Opening of the first General Assembly Plenary Meeting gathered more than 150 delegates, which is an absolute record for any MUNRFE event. FEMUN 2020 attracted delegates from India, Kazakhstan, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, China, Vietnam, and 15 different cities of Russia.

MUNRFE Annual Conference 2020 became the winner of the All-Russia Grant Competition of Youth Projects among Higher Education Institutions
Tuesday, 05 May 2020 22:58

On 30 April 2020, the Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Rosmolodezh approved the list of the projects-winners of the All-Russia Grant Competition of Youth Projects among Higher Education Institutions. MUNRFE Annual Conference 2020 (MUNRFE AC) has been recognized in the Competition for the second time in a row. The project leaders are Galina Salnikova (Secretary-General) and Nikita Volkov (USG for Conference Management).

MUNRFE AC 2020 was nominated in the section titled “Preventing negative interactions among youth in a multicultural environment” on behalf of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

MUNRFE joins UN SDGs Youth Envoys in Russia
Saturday, 02 May 2020 18:41

On April 22, as a result of the session of the Expert Commission for the competitive selection of Youth Envoys of the Sustainable Development Goals in Russia, MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director Aleksei Stanonis and MUNRFE member Polina Varfolomeeva were appointed to the positions of UN SDGs Youth Envoys in Russia for SDGs 1 and 9 respectively. They will join 15 other Youth Envoys approved by the commission to promote SDGs within the Russian society.

SDGs Youth Envoys are the young civil society representatives in Russia selected in accordance with their successes in implementing one of the SDGs for a period of one year. The main aim of the representatives is to inform and involve their peers in solving crucial problems of the humanity.

The winners of the Grant Competition for the Far Eastern Model UN 2020
Tuesday, 28 April 2020 12:26

The Model United Nations of the Russian Far East is glad to announce the winners of the Grant Competition for the Far Eastern Model United Nations 2020.

The winners who are going to get a partial reimbursement of their travel costs or free accommodation are:

1. Anna Ivankina

2. Eleonora Kuznetsova

3. Alina Kurilova

Far Eastern Model United Nations will be conducted in online and offline formats
Saturday, 18 April 2020 12:13

Model United Nations of the Russian Far East (MUNRFE) would like to announce its Far Eastern Model United Nations 2020 (FEMUN 2020) to be held on the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) Campus in Vladivostok (Russia) on 15-18 May and 6-8 June 2020 in online and offline formats respectively.

FEMUN 2020 is the only MUN Conference in Russia that applies UN4MUN format – the most accurate simulation of the UN that was elaborated by the UN Department of Global Communications (previously known as the Department of Public Information).

This year, around 180 students, including approximately 110 students from BRICS countries involved in the Educational Internship Program in FEFU, will join the conference to debate in one of the following Committees: UN Security Council, UN General Assembly Second and Third Committees, and UN Economic and Social Council. Besides debates concerning politics, security, social and economic issues, the Conference schedule includes educational program prepared in cooperation with MUNRFE partners.

MUNRFE member joined the Model UN MSU 2020
Thursday, 16 April 2020 17:13

On 2-6 March 2020, MUNRFE Vladivostok Club member Alexandra Mikhailuk joined the Model UN MSU 2020, held on the premises of Moscow State University (MSU). Representing China, Alexandra became a delegate to the United Nations Environment Programme, in which the official language chosen was Russian. The work of the committee was focused on the agenda about the usage of disposable plastics.

The Grand opening of the Model UN MSU 2020 was marked by the welcoming speeches of the Rector of MSU and an Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Victor Sadovnichiy, the Director of the International Organizations Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pyotr Ilyichev, the Deputy Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Vladimir Pavinsky, and the Head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) Eleonora Mitrofanova.

MUNRFE gets awards at National Model UN – New York 2020
Tuesday, 14 April 2020 16:25

The members of the MUNRFE delegation to the National Model United Nations – New York 2020 were honored with several prizes despite the cancellation of the NMUN-NY this year because of COVID-19. Daria Kurushina (General Assembly First Committee) and Christina Tolmacheva (General Assembly Second Committee) have got the Position Paper Awards for their outstanding work.

The National Model UN – New York 2020 was to take place from March 29 to April 2, 2020, in New York, the USA. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Conference was canceled after the Position Papers had been submitted. Keeping in mind this fact, the NMUN Organizing Committee decided to conduct the Position Papers’ evaluation process as it does not require the physical presence of all delegates.

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