MUNRFE Vladivostok Club conducted Round Table 2022

On April 7-9, the MUNRFE Vladivostok Club conducted Round Table 2022 at the Far Eastern Federal University campus. The project itself was implemented under the guidance of its Coordinators, Ms. Daria Bakanina and Ms. Anna Kondrich, with the assistance of the Working group members, Ms. Valeria Kravchenko and Mr. Artem Safronov

For three days, 21 participants developed their personal and professional competencies, such as public speaking and debating skills, business English, and analytical abilities. During training on the first day, MUNRFE Executive Director Mr. Aleksei Stanonis shared recommendations for perfect debates. On the next day, MUNRFE member Mr. Danil Vinokurov highlighted the parties and the essence of the conflict in the lecture about the Syrian crisis. The most crucial event was the debate session where all the participants gathered as the representatives of the UN Security Council Member States and discussed the viable solutions to the agenda.

Based on the results of the debates, the delegates have chosen the winners: 

Mr. Georgii Rzaev (Ireland) was awarded as the Outstanding Delegate;
Mr. Klimenty Kudryavtcev (USA) as the Distinguished Delegate;
Mr. Semion Chulskiy (India) as an Honorable Mention Delegate.

MUNRFE expresses its gratitude to all the participants of Round Table 2022 for the interest shown. We sincerely congratulate them on completing the project’s program and welcome everyone to the FEMUN 2022.

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